Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm bored, so I decided to go though some old videos and post them. There is noting really special, just random stuff my Hubby did while he was bored.

This one is of me watching Finding Nemo. And some extra stuff.

This one is my Hubby watching Smallville on the old projector, and a little of my dog Max.

This one I'm really sick and sleeping on the couch (so don't mind me), plus some pets. Also don't mind the messy house.

This one is of my Hubby from before I met him. Him and a few friends went on a trip, not sure where they went tho. This is a very small clip of him doing some infomercial (there is way more to this). I guess him and another guy got bored at the place they were staying at a decided to have some fun. He is really goofy in this one.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years.


It's just about 11:00 on New Years Eve. And I'm sitting here on the computer being bored out of my mind.

Todd had already gone to bed. So all I have is Rocco to keep me company, since Max is sleeping with Todd.

I have already redid my template last night and I redid my Picture one earlier. Now I just sit here, listen to music and read.

Ohhhhhhh Well.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long time no see.


Wow, I think it's time I changed the template again. Seeing that is after Christmas. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow or later tonight.

Anyway, Nothing much has been happening. My life is so freaking boring.

Christmas kind of sucked. But I really don't wish to get into all of that right now.

With the new year almost here I had made my resolutions. This year I will try and lose weight, and this time I mean it. Also we may start planning on having a baby.... MAYBE.

Also this year I may bring back Noel's blog and keep this one on a weekly update. No guarantees tho. I'm not real sure what to do with Noel. And I feel bad for just dropping her like I did.

Well it's time for me to go.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Template.

I decided to change my Template. And since it is getting close to Halloween, that's what I themed it as. I did it quick since it is getting real late. I may fix up a few things, or I may just leave it the way it is. But that will have to wait another night since it is almost six in the morning.

I'll update everyone/ myself on a few things. My life has slowed down since my brothers wedding. But before everything was CRAZY around here. I'm glad I can have a day off and not worry about doing a ton of stuff. True I still have stuff to up pack, but that can wait. I have a week vacation the week after Thanksgiving. I may do some/ a lot of it then.

Todd's brother is STILL in the Hospital and will be for awhile still. He is doing a ton better, but he won't be walking for awhile.

Well it is six in the morning so I better head off to bed.


P.S. If anyone reads this let me know how the template looks and tell me if something needs to be changed. I'll appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crazy life.

My life is beyond hectic right now.

To start off, my Brother-in-law was in a very bad car accident a couple weekends ago. He wasn't wearing his seat belt and swerved to miss a deer. He lost control of his vehicle and was thrown from it when it flipped.

He crushed is pelvis which caused internal bleeding. A bone fragment tore a hole into his bladder. He also broke his left femur, and five ribs.

When we first seen him he was in the Intensive Care Unit. He was hooked up at all these monitors and a respirator. He was in really bad shape.

Last weekend, he was off the respirator and they moved him to a normal room. He was more alert and talking. However he slept a lot. He is very lucky to be alive, it could have turned out so much worse. He has no spinal or head injuries. But it will be a long time before he is up and walking on his own.

Besides all this, my own Brother is getting married on September 15th, and I'm in the wedding. But that's besides the point.

He knew we were going to have a garage sale sometime after the wedding. But he asked us if we could have it before. This gives us three weeks, I am however having it next weekend due to it being a holiday and a three day weekend.

He said he would come over and give us a hand to set up for it, but he never showed. I called him on Saturday to inform him that we were going to try and have it this coming weekend and if he could come over to help. He said he had to work, but he would come over Sunday to help. Well after coming back from the hospital I called him and asked if he could come over and help. BUT he however he said that he was going over to Moms to mow her grass. I was PISSED.

So Todd (my Husband) and I spent the rest of the day out in the garage setting it up. They did this to me last time I had a garage sale too. What also sucks is that my Mom is bringing stuff too. And who will have to sit all day at this stupid sale, Todd and I. They may come over for a bit, then leave. God this is why I HATE having garage sales, next time it can be at someone else's house.

It didn't help that we had just recently moved and our garage was packed full of stuff that need to be gone through. Now all I did was put all these boxes was stick them in our basement, and now we have no time to go through them before the sale.

Another thing going on is as I mentioned the wedding. Becky (my Brothers soon to be wife) asked if she could have everyone get their hair done at my house before the wedding. Apparently the girl doing the hair will get payed more by doing it outside the salon.

So now I have to get my house in order and try and figure out what to do with the dogs. At least most of the house is in decent order, just so they don't take a peek into one of our spare rooms.

Besides all this I have to find time to make sure the dress fits and find some silver shoes.

God I just want to crawl into a hole and hide until the end of September.

I hate my life right now.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Well all I wanted to say was that I'm on vacation all week, even though the week is almost over. All I have done all week was go through all my crap. I have unpacked a lot, but there is still a lot to do. Hopefully Todd can help me this weekend.

Today is also my 27 Birthday. I was thinking of going over to my Mom's house. But I want to get stuff done around here, so I plan on staying home. I may go over there Saturday or Sunday.

Well that's all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm back

Hello all, sorry for the long time away, but I am back.

A lot has happened since I last posted, the main thing is that I moved. I am in a new house, and I love it. It's bigger, has two bathrooms, and central air. I'll post a few pics.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I haven't taken any indoor pics yet, but once I do I'll post them. It will still be awhile, seeing that I am still unpacking and the house is a bit of a mess. And I have a lot of crap to go through..

Fun Fun.

Anyways I'm off, I'll try and keep this updated as best as I can.